Tips for Creating Your App Promo Video

Users and time-starved press want to see an app in action and understand exactly what it does and why they should download it.  That can be hard to do in a 100 word description and a few screenshots.  A video promo provides the quickest way for users to assess your app and share with others.  With a little know-how you can create a slick promo video or tutorial that showcases your app.

There are 3 types of video strategies, each engaging on a different level at different times:

  1.  Promo Video (the teaser before launch & the full blown one on release)
  2. Journey Video (the process of development)
  3. Game Play or Explainer Video (the experience using your app).

There are a few key ways to create a video:

  • use a simulator or screencasting tool to record how your app works, overlaying narration
  • engage a professional app video promotion company or service
  • go DIY or team up with an up and coming videographer
  • get creative with stop motion animation or slideshows.

Regardless of the approach you take, careful planning is required at the onset to produce an engaging video that enhances your marketing messages.

Like any mini masterpiece, you’ll need to draft up a script and storyboard it out.

  • Write down the reasons why a user needs your app.
  • List the features and benefits.
  • Embed those insights into a short story, taking into consideration context or a scenario.
  • Enlist your talent and professional voice over artist.
  • Beg, borrow or steal equipment and video editing software.
  • Source a complementary background soundtrack.


  • Make sure your video is short and sweet. Anything longer than a couple of minutes can be a yawn fest. Research shows the magic length is 84 seconds.
  • Make sure your audio is professional, not painful! No echo, high-quality sound and an appropriate background track.
  • Be original, be funny, tell a story.
  • Add an element of mystery – attract attention without giving too much away.
  • Focus on one problem your app solves and the benefit.
  • Include a quote or testimonial.
  • End the video with a simple call to action such as ‘Download Now for Free’ or your launch date.
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