Audio Tour Apps

Enhance the visitor experience with an expert companion. Launch a self-guided audio tour app.


  • Quick and easy install for users.
  • Unlimited number of tours within the app.
  • Tours include text, audio, image galleries and maps.
  • Maps and content is available offline after download.
  • Users choose to download the tours they’re interested in.
  • GPS and location-aware maps.


  • Save on MP3 website download and bandwidth costs.
  • Start with a few tours, with the flexibility to edit or add more tours as your offer expands.
  • Global presence and distribution via popular App Store eco-systems.
  • Add life and purpose to your existing print collateral and knowledge.
  • Reduce print costs (print is often outdated as soon as it’s released anyway).
  • Enable discovery outside the confines of your desktop website or physical location.

Revenue Potential

  • Tours may be provided free of charge or you may allocate a price for your tours.
  • You keep 100% of the profits (note Apple takes 30% of all paid apps).

Perfect For

  • Councils & Tourist Information Centres
    Provide self guided tours to highlight historical and cultural hot spots. Complement sight with sound.
  • Local Attractions, Parks & Recreational Services
    Enable visitors to learn and discover interesting and unique features, at their leisure (or from their armchair).
  • Local Art, Architecture, History and Literary societies
    Entertain with that little-known story or quirky fact behind the piece of art or architecture they may just walk past.
  • Tour Professionals & Subject Matter Experts, Education Bodies & Special Interest Groups
    Provide background and context to create a more immersive experience.
  • Museums, Galleries & Points of Interest
    Enhance an experience with informative commentary or just food for thought.

Our Services

  • Professional audio production, with background tracks where required.
  • We can turn your print scripts into audio recordings.
  • We set up the app, populate the app with your content and handle the App Store submission processes.
  • We set up your App Store Profiles.
  • App marketing advice.