App Solutions

An overview of our travel & tourism solutions

Audio Tour Apps

Enhance the visitor experience with an expert companion. Launch a self-guided audio tour app.


  • Quick and easy install for users.
  • Unlimited number of tours within the app.
  • Tours include text, audio, image galleries and maps.
  • Maps and content is available offline after download.
  • Users choose to download the tours they’re interested in.
  • GPS and location-aware maps.

Digital Brochure Stand

Launch your own branded digital brochure stand for tablets.


  • Your own branded news stand app (a digital bookshelf or library).
  • Your entire collection in one app for easy access and discoverability.
  • Include interactivity: video, images, slideshows, links to websites and email.

Single Brochure App (Single)

Launch your own digital brochure app for tablets.


  • Your brochure available via the app stores for easy access and discoverability.
  • Include interactivity: video, images, slideshows, links to websites and email.

Private In-house App

Launch an app for in-house, private network distribution.


  • Private in-house publishing platform.
  • Publish all kind of apps and documents within your company network (your network of employees and members of your organization).
  • Provides: user profile management, password management, content distribution management, reporting.
  • The private app may include PDFs, text files, iWork, Microsoft Office documents (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Excel, Powerpoint and Word).

Guide, Itinerary Builder and Trip Journal.

Launch a powerful all-in-one Guide, Itinerary Builder and Trip Journal.


  • Display single or multiple destinations: cities, regions, islands and countries.
  • Fully rebranded.
  • 100% offline – no roaming fees (except sharing, updates and online features).
  • Provide a detail directory of categorized places and points of interest with photos, ratings, reviews and full descriptions.
  • Users can create an itinerary from guide content. Users are also able to modify their itinerary, add places to their favourites and manage their trip journals.
  • Users may select from suggested itineraries, even based on time or topic.
  • ‘Trip Genius’ feature may create a personalized trip based on accommodation.
  • Users can create a trip journal with photos, notes and check-ins and share to Facebook or email, published under your brand.
  • Include a calendar of events.
  • Include currency converter.
  • Include additional info pages (more tab…)
  • Offline maps and turn-by-turn directions.
  • Discover new places around the city using augmented reality, nearby places and ‘around me’ features.
  • Available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish & Japanese.  Other languages available on request.

Interactive Magazines for Tablets

Launch an engaging interactive tablet magazine.

Features Include

  • Movies and audio
  • Slide shows
  • Web overlays
  • Scrollable content
  • Image sequences
  • Social sharing
  • Panorama VR
  • Animations & Action buttons
  • Links to pages, websites and email
  • Web viewer for external or embedded web content
  • Viewing offline