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On Sunday 2nd March 2014, the Bright n Sandy Food & Wine Festival will be celebrating its 10th anniversary, promising to deliver some of the finest food and wine ever.

The festival, presented by Bayside City Council, is an official event of the popular  Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and is held from 11am to 6pm at Green Point, Brighton, overlooking the iconic Brighton bathing boxes and Melbourne city skyline.

Travel App Solutions is pleased to be the provider of their ‘What’s On‘ app.¬† The ‘What’s On’ app, available for iPhone, Android & iPad, is a branded brochure stand app that houses flyers and other print collateral for visitors and residents to download and read at their leisure.

The app cuts down on print and distribution costs, not to mention being kinder to the environment. It also enables a fast to market solution for the Council to repurpose and distribute existing publications.

Features of the app include:

  • event info for download: program, flyers, site map, general info, as well as the first edition of ‘The Melbourne Foodie‘ magazine
  • the ability for Bayside to add and delete flyers and publications, the changes being reflected instantly within the app
  • links within publications to websites and email, which open up within the app
  • the ability for users to keep or delete expired publications to manage their own library of publications
  • the ability for users to subscribe within the app for communication from Bayside City Council
  • the ability to send ‘push notifications’ to users when new publications are added
  • the ability for users to share pages on Facebook, Twitter or via email
  • a rotating promotional/advertising spot on the app home screen to highlight key events or messages
  • (interactive elements such as video & slideshows may also be added, as well as the ability to charge for certain publications.)

Bayside City Council will be utilising the app to distribute other publications, PDFs, flyers and brochures for their extensive schedule of upcoming events and festivals. Previously, they used their ‘What’s On’ app to distribute the song sheets and lyrics for Christmas ‘Carols By Candelight’ performances.

This solution is ideal for those who would like a cost-effective, fast to market way to get their brochures or other print products at the fingertips of their audience.

Get in contact if you’d like to learn more about how a similar solution may help you.



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