101 Ways to Market Your App ebook launch

There are over 1 MILLION apps in Apple’s App Store.  An app marketing strategy is crucial.

As part of our service to clients, we also advise on ways to plan and promote your app. Our ebook 101 Ways to Market Your App is provided free of charge and is an invaluable, practical guide to devising a marketing plan for your app. It is jam packed with suggestions, ideas, tasks and tips to kick start your roadmap to success.

The ebook covers:

  • Over 130 pages in PDF format.
  • Concise, practical pointers written in layman’s language.
  • Screenshots to illustrate key concepts.
  • Checklists and considerations.
  • Glossary of app terminology.
  • Comprehensive directory of hundreds of sites and services to assist you at each step.

101 Ways to Market Your App gives you the ammunition you need to plan your attack across 9 key phases in the app marketing lifecycle:

  • 01: Groundwork: Understanding the app ecosystem, your competitors and finding your position amongst it all.
  • 02: App Development: Considerations during the development stage that enable the app to be shared and promoted.
  • 03: Marketing Roadmap: Planning your marketing activities and timeline.
  • 04: App Store Profile: The essentials of App Store Optimisation.
  • 05: Media: Ways to approach the media and get cut through.
  • 06: Community: Ideas for tapping in to your community and social media networks.
  • 07: Workplace: Using the advocates closest to hand (and already on your payroll).
  • 08: Advertising: Available options if you have the budget to spend.
  • 09: Post Launch: The cycle of iteration and improvement. No, it’s not over at launch.

101 Ways to Market Your App is available for purchase for non-clients for $19.99 here

What You’ll learn:

  • 101 tips & ideas to kick start your app marketing.
  • The secrets to an App Store feature.
  • How to increase downloads with App Store Optimisation.
  • Tactics to drive downloads.
  • Ways to gain media for your app.
  • Best practice principles to ensure a good first impression.
  • Considerations across the entire app lifecycle.
  • Tips on the mindset of app store users, and more…

Bonus Inclusions

  • Comprehensive 24 page Resource Directory complete with over 650 links to resources covering: design assets, app review sites & services, press release distribution, app store optimisation, app promotion networks, agencies and more…
  • Includes social media links to follow to stay in the know.
  • PDF & excel format to include your own notes.
  • Guide to app terminology: 60+ common terms used in app marketing.
  • Includes Ongoing, Free Updates

Who Would Benefit from 101 Ways to Market your App?

  • Indie Developers

    Great at coding. Not so great at marketing and needing some ideas.

  • Business Owners

    Seeking a better understanding of how the app ecosystem works.

  • Existing App Owners

    Seeking a little inspiration to reignite activity and downloads.

  • Newbies

    Wanting to learn more about what it takes to launch a successful app.

  • Entrepreneurs

    Wanting to fast track marketing by learning important areas of focus.

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